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Q. When should I join BFFS?


Q. Do you guarantee entry into the forces?



Q. When are the BFFS courses and how long will it take me to get ‘selection fit’?



Q. How much does the BFFS course cost?

A. You can join BFFS before or after you have applied for the military





A. BFFS will prepare you fully for the selection process and will advise you of whether you are good enough to pass the physical tests. BFFS cannot guarantee entry into the forces as this is dependent on a medical evaluation and interview process.






A. The BFFS courses are run all year round. They are over 3 days, Mon-Wed from 0700-1500. ‘Selection fit’ is all dependent on how prepared you are when you start with us. We will put you through an initial test. This will evaluate where you are starting from and how much work you will need, to be ‘selection fit’.




A. BFFS courses are designed around each individual. Once you have been evaluated, a plan will be put together to get you selection fit. Each plan is designed individually and will be progressive and specific.

British Forces Fitness Selection (BFFS)




BFFS is an independent, specialist fitness training company, that prepares potential recruits for the rigors of military fitness selection. BFFS is operated by former Royal Marines Commando, Paul Seaman and was formed to give those looking to join the military, a taster into what is required to pass the selection process.


Prior to entry into the forces, all recruits have to pass a selection course for eligibility. This can vary and is dependent on which service is applied for. BFFS is experienced in all testing and selection procedures, whether you are wanting to join the Marines, Paras, RAF, Navy or the Army, we will tell you whether you are mentally and physically tough enough. If you fall short of the criteria, we will advise you and train you up to the required standards.

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